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The IM Kit is a collaborative effort released under the banner. Collaborators include (in alphabetical order):

  • Bruno G. "bga" Albuquerque
  • Andrea "xeD" Anzani
  • Michael "slaad" Davidson
  • Mikael "m_eiman" Eiman
  • Pier Luigi "plfiorini" Fiorini
  • Oliver "OliverH" Hartmann
  • Mikael "tic" Jansson
It is released under the MIT license.

In the Terminal:
To download trunk source:
svn checkout imkit

To compile:
cd imkit
jam -q

To install:
jam -q install

To prepare for use:
chmod +x /boot/common/add-ons/im_kit/protocols/*
chmod +x /boot/common/lib/
mkdir -p /boot/var/tmp (or change libs/libjabber/Logger.cpp to use find_directory for B_COMMON_TEMP_DIRECTORY)

To start im_server:

To configure accounts:

To login:
Open the context menu under the IMKit icon in Deskbar.

To see contact list:

To be able to receive messages:
im_chat (doesn't open up instantly, wait a while)

To initiate a conversation:
im_send_message {protocol} {id} {message} (does not open a chat window; note that double clicking on a contact in im_contact_list does not open a chat window)

Note that passwords are stored in clear text and are written to log files.

Run im_server and im_chat in different Terminal tabs or put im_server in the background (Ctrl+Z, "bg"), do not interrupt (Ctrl+C) the im_server, because that would terminate it.
Log files include ~/imkit.log* and /boot/var/tmp/IM/*.
Usernames containing the dot character seem to be unsupported.

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