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B4nd|t's Travian map 1.1.1 UNICODE

It's small map browser for webpage game "Travian" (sth like Ogame). First release was about 1 year ago for personal purpose. Few weeks later version 0.1 was presented to my in-game alliance (clan). Positive response made me develop this program for about 3 months up to version 0.4.1. All versions were published only in small community. Then I stopped playing this game and also stopped developing program. Some time ago i thought about first public release based on version 0.4.1 (with some minor improvments). This is the next version of it:

09 March 2008

Welcome to B4nd|t's programs

Here we go! Welcome to my webpage, where I'll present my programs and projects. Page is curently under construction, but soon i should re - release my first program
08 March 2008