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B4nd|t's Travian Map 1.1.1 UNICODE |36

status: Discontinued

::WARNING:: this program is not any kind of illegal crop finder! However it has integrated crop viewer for pre-made crop maps. User doesn't need to do anything illegal. Game server even don't know that you are using those pre-made crop maps. The only thing that this program needs from travian server is map.sql file which is publicly avaible and used by any other map tool.

Download minimal 592KB

(crop maps must be downloaded separately from the link below)

Download full 9.1MB

(with some curently avaible crop maps. However I suggest to download minimal version and later crop maps to prevent downloading unnecessary maps)

Linux test binary

Crop Maps

(All curently avaible crop maps. Instalation: unpack *.crp file to folder /data/crop, and change it's name according to server name that you entered in program) If you need a crop map for another server tell me about it. I can upload such map within 24 hours

Last changes:

  • fixed: program was crashing sometimes when trying draw map with cords under y=-400
  • new: possibility to compare differences between 2 maps (comparison result is displayed by colored squares and frames around village and in infobox when mouse cursor is over a village)
  • improved: huge performance improvment (map is being drawn 50%-500% faster)
  • fixed: not saving session after closing program using different method then "close" button
  • new: saving players coloring schemes
  • improved: when using mouse wheel for zoom in/zoom out LookAt point is changing to average from previous LookAt and mouse cursor positioin

  • new: added small help under "Help" button
  • improved: now players coloring scheme has priority over alliance coloring scheme
  • improved: changed name of "Crop and oases finder" pane to more accurate "Crop viewer and draw options"

  • fixed: fixed user interface's size

  • Known bugs:
  • when some data files are corrupted, program may report error or crash (depending on which file is corrupted, again my lazynes). All files can be deleted and program should recreate missing files on restart. Most problems are because of corrupted map files, then you should just re-download the map.
  • Usage:

    1. unpack and start "Travian Map.exe"

    2. click "Manage Servers" button, and add your server. For example
      server name: s1.pl
      path to map: http://s1.travian.pl/map.sql
    3. click Add/Update

    4. change active server in combo box to yours

    5. click Download Map. It may take a while. Map's size is up to about 5MB. You can monitor download progress on a status bar (lower right corner).

    Manual download:
    • manually download file "http://your.server.adress/map.sql" and place it into "data\maps\your_server_name" directory

    6. double click/right click on map's name. For example:


    • right click and drag mouse for map moving
    • move mouse cursor to the edge of screen to move map
    • to compare two maps first open base map and then right click on map that you want base compare to and select "Compare to" (or select map from list and click "Compare" button
    • right click on village to "Add player" or "Add alliance" (you can do same thing on "Alliances tab")
    • right click on alliance/map/player on lists to edit/delete entry
    • arrows on keyboard (you have to set window's focus by clicking on map before using arrows)
    • +/- keys for zoom
    • scroll for zoom

    some hints

    • move cursor on a village to pop up an info box
    • you can save and load alliances coloring schemes
    • you can add custom color by clicking "custom color" in "Add Alliance/Player" windows
    • program save your last session
    • check draw options to customize draw mode

    Crop map

    "Crop viewer and draw options" tab -> "Load Crops and Oases"

    Program can display information about oases (+50% crop, +25% wood) and normal fields (5x iron, 15x crop etc). It's extreamly usefull feature. Check this website for new crop maps.4714